Sam Cooper, Jerricat Music (SESAC), Red Heart Records, Jericat Group LLC
ASK (featuring Keeli)

Lyric Credits: Sam Cooper, Keeli Kelly
Music Credits: Sam Cooper, Keeli Kelly
Producer Credits: Sam Cooper
Publisher Credits: Jerricat Music (SESAC), Kollins Publishing (SESAC)
Performance Credits: Keeli Kelly (vocal), Sam Cooper (instruments)
Label Credits: Red Heart Records
Short Song Description:
Sometimes, the most beautiful girls in the place seem unreachable when they're not.
Long Song Description:
Sometimes, we make an error, believing in forbidden fruit.
Story Behind the Song:
The story of a lonely lady in a lonely situation.
Song Length 4:03
Primary Genre Jazz-Lounge
Tempo / Feel Jazz-General
Tempo / Feel Slow (71 - 90)
Lead Vocal Female Vocal
Subject Matter 1 Loneliness
Subject Matter 2 Frustration
Mood 1 Serene
Mood 2 Cool
Language English
by Keeli Kelly and Sam Cooper ©2013 615-469-4067

Third stool on the left at a piano bar in the neon side of town,
Sipping something cold and wearing a low-cut red satin gown,
The seats aren't taken next to me, I feel eyes eyeing me up and dow,n
But these gentlemen never say a word.

Dressing up isn't paying off, they won't invite me to dance,
Crazy it's always been this way, they look but they don't act,
Wonder what they're waiting for, I'm already ready for romance,
The only thing they have to do is ask.

What's a girl like me to do here with a half empty glass?
Don't they know they've nothing to lose?
All they need do is ask.

I think I may be invisible, I'm here, no one can tell,
Each night they come in all alone, then leave with someone else,
Adieu my lonely ice cube, bartender, fare thee well,
It's closing time, I'm going home by myself.

What's a girl like me to do?
I've already hailed a cab.
Nobody knew they had nothing to lose,
All they had to do was ask.