Sam Cooper, Jerricat Music (SESAC), Red Heart Records, Jericat Group LLC

Lyric Credits: Sam Cooper, Keeli Kelly
Music Credits: Sam Cooper, Keeli Kelly
Producer Credits: Sam Cooper
Publisher Credits: Jerricat Music (SESCAC), Keeli Kelly
Performance Credits: Sam Cooper
Label Credits: Red Heart Records
Short Song Description:
For people who get the difficulty of love and ADD.
Long Song Description:
Sometimes it takes an effort to remember what we need to remember.
Story Behind the Song:
Actually based on a true story of Sam's wife trying to get through his ADD to get him to remember something. She told him to pay attention because there's gonna be a test.
Song Length 4:14
Primary Genre Blues-Modern
Tempo / Feel Folk-Americana
Tempo / Feel Medium Slow (91 - 110)
Lead Vocal Male Vocal
Subject Matter 1 General
Subject Matter 2 Madly In Love
Mood 1 Composed
Mood 2 Nonviolent
Similar Artist 1 Dr. John
Language English
Era 2000 and later
Keeeli Kelly, Sam Cooper (c) 2012

Pretty eyes, but I never even noticed the color,
Just didn't seem to matter underneath the covers.
The shape of her body doesn't mean all that much.
Her name escapes me now, but I'll always recognize that touch.

Little details often get by me.
If my memory fails, blame it on my ADD.
But tonight, when we're done, she's gonna need some rest.
Cause in the morning, there's gonna be a test.

I need her help to get going every day.
I get easily distracted and sometimes I lose my way.
I can read, I can write, I can hold down a conversation anywhere.
But if she don't get what I'm about, she still knows that I care.

Little details often get by me.
I think it's something I inherited from my family tree.
I may forget lots of things, but I won't forget her caress.
I'll be ready in the morning, when there's gonna be a test.

instrumental solo section

Places and faces often get by me.
I try to focus on one thing, but I drift to two or three.
It takes a woman like her to put up with this man, I'm a mess.
Don't wanna let her down tomorrow, there's gonna be a test.

In the morning, there's gonna be a test.

I'll be ready, when there's gonna be a test.