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Born in Richmond, VA, Sam moved to NJ in 1972 at 19. He loved sound early on. 1st grade--he started on drums--& quit when forced to use a practice pad--he wanted to hit a real drum. Grade 4, he started playing trumpet and guitar. With no formal musical training or guidance and encouragement from family or counselors, Sam gained confidence getting gigs without actually looking for them. It had not dawned on him that he could study music-related courses before he dropped out of college his sophomore year or that he'd make money performing or writing songs until he played guitar and sang in bands. He learned other instruments and how to produce/engineer to create music in genres that had influenced him as a baby boomer.

Sam married the love of his life, Dawn, in 2001. By previous marriages, he has 3 sons and she has 1. Sam had performed his original songs and cover tunes in bars, shows and for private engagements for decades, but it was Dawn who encouraged him to make the jump into the music "industry". In 2005, the plans formed and in 2006, he visited Nashville for the 1st time. He immediately realized that this was where he belonged. Within months, he was commuting back & forth between both homes, 2 weeks at a time. About three years later, it became a lopsided situation with most of his time spent in Nashville. While already living in Nashville, in 2010, he officially became a resident. He has since been a fixture as a host for songwriter events.

PERFORMING--Formerly a member of the original all-about-fun Americana trio, The Chick'N Dix until 9-8-19, over the decades, Sam has performed from coast to coast, as far north as ski slopes of New England and as far south as the blue waters of the Caribbean, in many styles and genres. As a resident of Nashville, TN since 2006, he often performs in songwriter settings. Sam started as a teenager being a vocalist, guitarist and bass player, performing professionally in the late 1960's. While still in Richmond, Sam played guitar behind both singer/songwriters Cleve Francis (also an accomplished producer/artist) and the late great Steve Yudowich from 1970 to 1971. After moving to New Jersey at the beginning of 1972, he performed (in chronological order) as a soloist and as a member of bands such as SOUTHBOUND, BONE DRY, TRICK ZIPPER, OPUS I, THE ACME BOOGIE COMPANY (which originally also included long-time friend Vini "Mad Dog" Lopez, who was Bruce Springsteen's drummer from the 60's all the way through his second album on Columbia Records), DEUCE COUPE (with Lisa Martin), VINI LOPEZ AND THE DISCO REJECTS, THE MIGHTY ACCENTS, PHATMAN (featuring Slick Aguilar who is the long-time guitarist for Paul Kantner and Marty Balin, as well as a long-time member of JEFFERSON AIRPLANE), MAJOR WOODY & THE SPLINTERS, THE SONNY PREWITT BAND and HEY! BETTY! He gigs as a member of the trio, and occasionally solo, regularly at various locations in Nashville, TN and nearby, where he continues to share the stage with some of the area's top writers and recording artists.

THE PRESENT AND FUTURE--Sam is also behind the scenes as a songwriter, producer, publisher and musician. His work covers a lot of stylistic ground--classic rock, country, Americana, classic soul, rhythm & blues, funk, reggae, country rock, blues, straight-out rock & roll, southern rock, folk, heavy metal, jazz, & pop music. Besides writing and recording his own material at his home recording studio, Sam collaborates with both established and rising artists/writers in production and songwriting. He's often working with several celebrated writers and performers, some well-established names & some still breaking through.

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JERRICAT MUSIC (SESAC), based in Nashville, TN, is the publishing arm of JERICAT GROUP LLC music businesses for Sam Cooper. Contact information for Sam...e-mail, phone 615-469-4067.
RED HEART RECORDS is the label which has released the acclaimed CD co-produced by Ray Dahrouge and Sam Cooper, "IT'S CHRISTMAS EVERYWHERE" (by Ray Dahrouge), now available at this site and at most major internet music outlets. It's an original musical Christmas journey around the U.S. Recorded at the studio of Jericat Music's Sam Cooper in 2006-2007, the album features songs about New Orleans, New England, Miami, Chicago, New York City, Detroit, Texas, St. Louis, California and EVERYWHERE! Additional contributors to the album include Margo Walker (backup vocals on two songs), Tommy "Taco" LaBella (lead sax on six songs) and Andy McDonough (piano on one song). All other instrumental tracks were contributed by Cooper, who also sang backups on two tracks. Cooper arranged, engineered and mixed the album and co--produced all ten tracks with Dahrouge.
Here are some pre-release comments for the CD "IT'S CHRISTMAS EVERYWHERE" from some people in the know-- ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ "RAY DAHROUGE DELIVERS A TRULY UNIVERSAL COLLECTION OF ORIGINAL CHRISTMAS TUNES PROVING ONCE AGAIN THAT HE'S JERSEY'S PRIME MINISTER OF SOUL."--Tommy West (artist--Cashman & West, producer--Jim Croce, Anne Murray, etc.) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "...A WONDERFUL CHRISTMAS GIFT...RAY, I DON'T KNOW IF I LOVE YOUR MUSIC, LYRICS OR VOICE BETTER. MAYBE ALL THREE..."--Fred Caruso (producer, movies & television--"Days Of Wrath", "Dressed To Kill", "The Rat Pack", "Bonfire Of The Vanities", "Blue Velvet", "Network", etc.) ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- "I'VE LISTENED THOROUGHLY TO RAY'S PERFORMANCES AND AM IMPRESSED WITH THE BROAD RANGE OF SENTIMENTS HE CAN COMMUNICATE AND HOW HIS VOICE'S MOOD CHANGES... THE LYRICS HIT THIS SOFT SPOT IN THE HEART TIME AFTER TIME"--Dory Lubliner (film, viedo & music editor, effects artist--ABC, NBC, Fox TV, MTV, Live Entertainment, Playboy, credits include "little Big Foot", "Bloodmatch", "Captain America", "Grace Quigley", "America 3000", "Cyborg", "Delta Force", "Bolero", etc...).
Singer/Songwriter/Producer/Publisher (Family Harmony Music - ASCAP) Ray Dahrouge has written over 200 songs recorded and released by various artists including Engelbert Humperdinck; Ray, Goodman & Brown (a/k/a The Moments); The Manhattans; Doug Stone; Lenny Welch; Helen Reddy; Bobby Rydell; LTD featuring Jeffrey Osborne; David Hasselhoff; Frankie Avalon; Lisa Mason (host of QVC); Street People; Carol Douglas; Robert Gordon; and Joey Dee & The Starlighters. His music has been used by NFL FOOTBALL and his song "I COULD ALWAYS COUNT ON YOU" (sung by Doug Stone) was featured in the Disney movie ?Gordy?. Among the artists he has produced or co-produced are Street People (Delite Records), Harry Ray (of Ray, Goodman & Brown), Tasha Thomas, and also a self-produced release under his own name for Polydor Records. Ray also hired the legendary Charlie Calello to provide arrangements for the "Street People" album that he produced for Delite Records. Ray wrote all the songs on the album which garnered four chart records on Billboard's Top R & B charts. ................................................................................................................................. On the Internet, RAY DAHROUGE can be found at To contact Ray directly, E-mail